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How to Boost Sales with Good UX

How to Boost Sales with Good UX It’s no secret that a good website or app user experience is crucial for boosting sales. In an offline location such as a store or restaurant, being physically present may keep a prospect even if the experience is subpar. But in an online environment, if the experience frustrates […]

How To Interpret Quantitative UX Metrics

How To Interpret Quantitative UX Metrics Article written by Huyen Hoang Huyen Hoang is a User Experience Researcher at Codelitt. Codelitt helps companies create better product experiences for their users by designing and building people-driven solutions with the speed, technology, and innovation of a startup. For many researchers working in UX, quantitative data analysis can […]

How to Identify your Target Customer for UX Testing

How to identify your target customer for UX testing As a UX researcher or designer, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your target customer before beginning a remote UX study. This helps you make informed decisions about what to test, how to test it, and who to target your findings toward. There are […]

Advantages of the Userlytics’ No-Download Web Recorder

Advantages of the Userlytics’ No-Download Web Recorder Userlytics makes user experience testing easy, efficient and fun with its state-of-the-art no-download web recorder. This revolutionary user experience testing recorder allows participants to jump right into usability tests directly with a simple click of a button; this means you can more easily reach out to any customer, […]

Best UX Testing Tools on the Market in 2020

Best Remote UX Testing Tools on the Market in 2020 Researching the ins and outs of your business is integral to setting your company up for success. Increasingly, fine-tuning and improving your customers’ brand experience has become one of the top priorities for businesses. With customer expectations being at an all-time high, optimizing your user […]

How to Conduct Remote Research

Maybe you stumbled across this page by accident, in which case I argue that your so-called accident is actually fate and you should really consider incorporating UX research to improve your products (if applicable), your services (if applicable), or better yet, your overall life.

Better User Experience Equals Better Findability

Designers are prone to falling into the trap of cluttering their interfaces. Limitations of space often push them to the wall, and they find themselves trying to fit everything they can into a tiny usable space…