Interview with our CEO – Alejandro Rivas

Last November 18th our CEO was interviewed by Ditsa Keren, of Website Planet;

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

“If we take a step back and think about how software has evolved over the past 15 years, the cost and time required to develop software have collapsed…..and now, everybody has a webcam on their computer….“

“…User experience testing is different than market research. Imagine a bunch of people crossing a room with a rug and there’s a little fold in the rug. 90% of them will lift their leg over the fold, but the 10th person will trip over it. If you fix that fault, you will not only improve the experience of the person who tripped but also for all the others who were able to get over the fold, but had to make an extra subconscious effort to do so…”

“…One of the things our platform allows is to let the users see a series of “cards”, and ask them to place those “cards” in the category they feel is most appropriate. In addition to quantitative metrics, our system provides qualitative information with videos where you can watch people making decisions and understand why they do what they do. Tree testing is where you organize a menu and ask participants, if you were looking for this or that item, show us what you would click on to find it?…”

“…One of the things we’ve noticed in the past 4-5 years is that the demand for services like ours has exploded in English speaking countries, and is starting to grow very quickly in non-English speaking markets.

You may be thinking, why is a company like Slack worth so much if it’s just a messaging app? The reason is simple, it has a good user experience. CEO’s have realized that the key to market share and profitability is a great UX…”

You can read the entire interview here.